Sunday, April 7

Review: Yet Another Zombie Defense HD [Nintendo Switch eShop]

There’s something to be said for naming your game something clever to get people’s attention. Of course, you can move in precisely the opposite direction and give your game a name that’s utterly generic, which is what we have with Yet Another Zombie Defense HD. Whether that was supposed to be funny or not I’m not positive but unfortunately the somewhat vanilla lack of excitement in the title pretty accurately depicts the quality of the gameplay it represents.

You’ll play the game as one of 4 different character types that are purely cosmetic, running around, trying to shoot roaming zombies, pick up money or supplies as they drop, and survive. If you’re able to get to the end of the round you’ll then possibly get to spend a skill point on a bonus perk like more health, speed, or things like a greater pickup radius as well as buy weapons or equipment to provide help you’ll need to slow down or stop the next wave. Strategies will vary, but in general you’ll want to try to set up some defenses to slow zombies down since pretty quickly you’ll no longer be able to outrun them.

As a single-player game it quickly gets repetitive and even pretty aggravating honestly as the curve on which the zombies will get faster and tougher is going to make surviving more than a few rounds a challenge, though you can survive longer if you put together some decent defenses. To the game’s credit I was able to pretty quickly and easily get into an online match where I got to work with 3 other people and that greatly prolonged survival, though as the screen got more crowded with zombies and action the more janky some of the behaviors and visual quirks got to be.

In the end this is very much a budget title that doesn’t have a whole lot of nuance and generally just “is”. You can choose to check it out, you may enjoy it for a while, but it doesn’t have much ambition and it shows. With your speed quickly becoming a liability you’re really unable to play it well as a straight twin-stick shooter so the game swings somewhere between strategy and a shooter, but without a whole lot of originality or visible effort involved. It is what it is and carries a budget-friendly and pretty appropriate price.

Score: 5.5

  • Playing with others online works reasonably well and for the moment there is a decent amount of activity
  • At least for a little while it can be fun as you figure out what weapons and defenses work best for you
  • A budget-friendly price

  • As the number of zombies and action continue to build the performance can get a bit spotty
  • A pretty bare bones experience that you’ll burn out on quickly if you aren’t able to play with some friends or something to keep it more interesting