Friday, May 10

Review: Car Mechanic Manager [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Time management games were all the rage in the mobile and even the PC space for a little while, and they can be fun for a little while, but more often than not returning to them now many titles are stuck in the past and show little signs of effort to evolve. There are certainly exceptions with some stand-out titles, but unfortunately Car Mechanic Manager isn’t one of those, for the most part feeling very phoned in and simply not looking too great either.

Throw in the fact that it is sloppy and bordering on unplayable with a controller, for some reason using both the left stick and “D-Pad” which makes for a load of confusion, and it begs the question of why this is on Switch. Simply getting through the tutorial was painful and it’s obvious little effort was put into helping players determine what button is highlighted, making what could just be a bland experience instead aggravating. If the game interests you I’d say seek it out on mobile where it will be less disappointing than seeing it be so lackluster on a dedicated gaming system.

Score: 4.5

  • If you’re looking for a time management game with a female mechanic you’re so in luck, they read your mind!

  • The physical controls, as implemented, are poorly thought out and frustrating to use. They literally would have been better off just making it touchscreen only
  • Sticking with it only reveals a grindy and ultimately dull game of fixing up cars and trying to maximize their sale value
  • If you’re really jonesing for this sort of experience just play it on a mobile device