Monday, May 13

Review: Car Trader [Nintendo Switch eShop]

OK, so I’ve played some really awful games before, ones that have had serious bugs or gameplay that made no sense, but never anything like Car Trader. Calling this a game and not just a collection of pictures of cars that have taken damage strung together with a mini auction interface and a menu for choosing where to get repairs would insult even the most horrible of games that were guilty of many things but generally still at least putting in a minimal effort.

Here you’re simply trying to buy low and with some smarts, make only the repairs you think you need to in order to convince people to buy it for more than you paid plus the cost of repair, and then repeat… and that’s it. The people bidding against you just seem to be doing so a bit randomly, the cars they take from you don’t appear to carry a consequence of any kind. You can’t slyly get them to overbid and then watch them get killed on an overpriced car. Once they buy it that’s the last you’ll see. Just on every level I can think of this is awful and doesn’t really belong in anyone’s library.

Score: 1

  • Makes just about anything else I’ve played on Switch look better by comparison

  • So shallow I’m not even sure if you could call it a game
  • Look at busted vehicles, bid on them, pick a shop to repair it for you, sell it back at auction hoping for a profit… that’s it