Thursday, May 2

Review: Giga Wrecker Alt [Nintendo Switch eShop]

It’s that time again to hit the post-apocalyptic world button, which has given us games that range genres from shooters to RPGs to side-scrolling action titles… but how about a puzzle-platformer? Enter Giga Wrecker Alt from the talented folks at Game Freak who are obviously trying out something new and different. While it succeeds in putting together a package that’s unfamiliar it’s unfortunately a bit lacking in terms of excitement and general direction.

You’ll play the game as Reika, a young woman who has been through the wringer but has been blessed with a cool robotic arm that has a variety of capabilities. Aside from smashing rocks and enemies she’s also able to summon together specific types of debris left behind from said smashing to form a big ball of rubble she can use to attack, form into a platform, and solve puzzles with. This can be tricky since if you make a mistake, wasting an opportunity to get some debris or just not handling things correctly, you’ll fail though luckily you typically have a way to reset the puzzle and try again. While I’m thankful for that mechanism it does seem a bit like a cop-out and acknowledgement that perhaps not everything is set up as well as it should have been, making that button too often a necessity.

While things remain novel while you’re getting used to how the game and its challenges work mechanically as it wears on aside from some pretty cool (and sometimes challenging) boss fights. Moving between these highlights isn’t helped at all by the pretty lacking map that should have been made more helpful and helps make the pace drag along when you manage to get lost. There are opportunities to upgrade your skills, though you generally just want to add health in general so it doesn’t really feel like a fully-developed system. Similarly you’re able to get blueprints to change up your skills visually but with no underlying fundamental change.

In the end Giga Wrecker Alt is passable but feels like it was released an iteration too early, without everything having had a chance to come together fully. The controls are a bit too floaty, the progression is present but lacking in value, and too often even when you solve problems it all feels lacking in polish. If you’re searching for something a bit different it’s not a bad option, just keep your expectations in check.

Score: 6

  • There’s nothing quite like it on the system
  • Some solid boss fighting action

  • The controls are just a bit funky and floaty overall
  • Too many elements of the game have rough edges and the experience feels rushed as a whole