Monday, June 17

Review: Neon Junctions [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Always having been a huge fan of the TRON franchise if you throw anything with a neon-lit grid at me and I’m eager to check it out. Of course, looks aren’t everything and when dealing in games you’re going to need some rock-solid play to keep me engaged. Unfortunately, while Neon Junctions does a good job of catching your attention with its looks its gameplay and some performance issues don’t do a great job of keeping it.

The basic principles of the game are simple enough overall, you’ll be picking up objects (mostly blocks) that you’ll need to move from one spot to another in order to complete circuits or satisfy triggers of sorts. While the further in you get this adds in some extra elements that complicate your efforts a bit I’d consider it all to be pretty linear and even dull though, never prompting me to have a satisfying “Aha” moment where I had to use some real ingenuity. It really ends up being a lot of picking up all of the blocks you see, laying them down in the right spots to flow energy to the next spot, maybe working out some new mechanic once in a while, and that’s about it.

The unfortunate note to go with this is that the performance of the game on the Switch, even in docked mode, is choppy at best. While normally frame rates don’t get me down the problems here were consistent enough that I couldn’t help but notice it and though the gameplay is pretty simple and these issues don’t interfere with your execution it’s still annoying. Throw it all together and though Neon Junctions may be pretty it really comes up short beyond that.

Score: 4

  • A great neon-lit look
  • Probably just about anyone could solve the game’s puzzles

  • Limited variety, challenge, and creativity
  • Consistent performance issues