Monday, June 3

Review: Vectronom [Nintendo Switch eShop]

One of the things that indie titles tends to excel at is finding ways to punch up gameplay that can be familiar at its base with some elements that are unexpected. Combining genres and styles makes for more variety but also isn’t a guarantee of success. Landing somewhere in the middle we have Vectronom, a platformer of sorts whose simple but colorful presentation gets a lift from a pumping soundtrack that ties back to the gameplay nicely.

You’re quite simply a cube whose objective is to cross a level to get to the goal. Simple enough in principle but in Vectronom you’ll need to navigate disappearing platforms, spikes, and some other hazards to get there. To help you out the beat in the music corresponds to the movement and/or change in the elements of the level, meaning if you’re able to become one with the beat you’ll be better set for success.

The other component tends to be internalizing the pattern of the platforms and to figure out when you need to move and where you’ll need to pause, which can be tricky but it’s part of what gives the title some flavor. One thing to note is that the game will absolutely have you dying repeatedly, and sometimes pretty quickly even, but thankfully you’re always right back in the action quickly so there’s no frustration waiting for things to reset.

Overall, Vectronom delivers an interesting mix of a music game, puzzler, and throws in a little action to boot. It may not be long on content but it does offer some variety, great music, and a kaleidoscope of colors to enjoy as you go. It may not be amazing but it’s at least something a little different.

Score: 6.5

  • Though visually simple it’s quite colorful
  • Gameplay is generally easy to understand
  • A unique mix of elements in gameplay

  • It will likely be a love it or hate it proposition for most
  • While each level is different there’s an element of repeated ideas
  • Trying to memorize and work with some level patterns can become tedious