Thursday, August 29

Mini Reviews: August 29th Edition [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Grand Brix Shooter [Nindie Choice!] - While I’m a big fan of arcade-style shooters of all types I’ll admit that generating excitement for them is getting tougher on Switch as there have gotten to be so many of them. Thankfully their styles tend to be a bit varied, and many have something smart and distinct to offer to help them stand apart. That’s very much the case for Grand Brix Shooter, a title that I initially just thought was good but then as I played it more began to truly appreciate. I love the very different classes of ships that you’ll unlock and that are made available unpredictably in missions, I’m consistently challenged by some of the tricky bosses, and I think the need to regularly switch to a new ship (losing your built up experience and added power) in order to get back to full health and improve your chances of surviving is brilliant. The weirdo story you get that generally feels completely disconnected? A mystery, but there’s no denying the shooting is great!

Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling [Nindie Choice!] - While I haven’t played a wrestling game in years, back in the day it was fun to throw down with some buddies for some arcade-style mat action. Boxy Pro Wrestling is a pretty big love letter to those days and that style of play, keeping things pretty simple but still offering up variety and a fun wrestler customization mode. The core button presses may be the same for every wrestler but what you execute can vary quite a bit. As you get further through the circuits you’ll unlock not only new core wrestlers to play with but also currency, aesthetic elements, and moves that will allow you to create a wrestler to work with that not only suits your sense of flair but your fighting style as well. While it isn’t terribly deep and may not be as much fun to play solo, if you’ve got some friends to play with locally or matchmaking remains viable for online play, this can be a pretty fun time for a reasonable price.

Omen Exitio: Plague - Right out of the gate the fact that this is pretty well purely a text-based game is likely to throw some people off. Playing out like a semi-interactive Choose Your Own Adventure at the start of your journey things will seem pretty mild and straightforward, and your choices won’t carry obvious consequences. As you get deeper into the story you’ll find that the people you’ve helped, the skills you’ve developed, and the decisions you’ve made can have serious repercussions though, something that makes this an interesting game to play through more than once if it suits you. Be ready for things to get grim, dark, and to be beset by challenges from multiple sides from monsters that take many forms.

Mekabolt - Since budget puzzle platforming titles have gotten to be a bit of a dime a dozen it’s hard to generate a lot of enthusiasm for games the likes of Mekabolt. It isn’t particularly bad by any means, and there’s a certain challenge and charm to it if you like the art and play styles, but for the most part it just is.

Invasion of Alien X: Earth in Crisis - I’m always down for something a little weird with arcade sensibilities so from that angle Invasion isn’t bad, but it also doesn’t take long for the repetition and mild indifference to set in. You’ll be working to shoot enemies and try to thwart the alien ship that looks like a gumball dispenser from overwhelming or zapping your base. Unfortunately play simply isn’t all that varied so to get something out of this you’ll really need to love the base shooting and weird enemies. Otherwise, this one is pretty miss-able.