Monday, October 7

Mini Reviews: October 7th Edition [Nintendo Switch eShop]

Fight’N Rage [Nindie Choice!] - After many years where the classic beat-em-up wasn’t getting much representation indie developers have really begun to rejuvenate the genre. While there have been a variety of takes on things, adhering almost too much to the old formula to shaking things up significantly, Fight’N Rage shows a great deal of reverence for the classic feel of titles like Final Fight without copying it too much, and throws in some great combos and variety that helps keep the fighting feel a bit less stale. That’s already a pretty tempting package for brawler fans but then, best of all, it comes in at a very fair price, has multiple characters who each have their own feel, and features loads of unlocks to help you refine the aesthetics for a little more fun. A great beat-em-up well worth your time!

Cyber Protocol [Nindie Choice!] - Helping to prove that there can be far more to a game than what it looks like Cyber Protocol was a title that seemed simple at a glimpse but once I got going with it quickly got me hooked. While its appearance is akin to retro arcade classics like Pac-Man and its various clones, this is a puzzle action game and it quickly gets you up to speed and then begins throwing you some serious challenges to both your planning and reflexes. Periodic checkpoints give you some respite but in order to grab all of the bonuses you’ll often need to go out on a limb and execute a series of moves to nab everything and then get to the exit without being destroyed. Since there’s simply nothing else like it on the system it is worthy of your attention if you like a challenge and can get past its simple appearance.

Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX - The Gunvolt games are absolutely unique with their blend of intense action and style, but I also think they’re a bit of an acquired taste. Some people truly love them and can’t get enough while they leave others cold. This new entry in the series proudly continues to push the trademark flair and over-the-topness further, but ultimately is just a better-made Gunvolt game. Fans of the series should be thrilled, but for everyone else perhaps it would be better to try out on sale.

Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition - While Sniper Elite 2 had a certain visceral thrill to it the way its missions were set up and the fact that when you weren’t looking through your scope you felt very vulnerable held it back a bit. With this new entry in the series I’m happy to report that many of those concerns have been addressed, and the game doesn’t seem as determined to leave you feeling so often like you’re getting the short end of the stick and expected to gut things out. That isn’t to say there aren’t still challenges, both intended and probably not, but overall the balance here seems better… and there’s still nothing quite like watching enemy body parts get shredded by a well-placed sniper bullet in slow motion.

BurgerTime Party! - As a huge fan of the original arcade title I’m happy to report that this nostalgic trip is a pretty great one, maintaining the integrity and experience of the main game while giving both the visuals and the core gameplay itself an upgrade. Aside from being able to tackle stages with or against friends (thus the party part of the name) there are quite a number of power-ups that can have some unexpected results and add to the fun. With tons of levels to play through, many of which pose a pretty good challenge, this remake may be a bit pricey but it’s a polished and fun retro arcade experience nonetheless.