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Developer: Secret Item Games

Publisher: Secret Item Games

  • Price: $19.99
  • Release Date: Jun 24, 2021
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Last on Sale: -
  • Lowest Historic Price: -
  • ESRB Rating: E [Everyone]
  • Having played a ton of farming sims over time I will give FFYL credit for one thing, I don’t believe that I’ve ever played one that included zombies. Unfortunately, the positive distinctions from that point on, especially when you contrast it with its competition, thin out pretty quickly. What’s a bit flabbergasting is that so many of the problems I had with the title are so small or fundamental and simply feel like sloppy problems to have. Possibly the most irksome of the bunch is simply when you initiate an action, where it will take place. Is it the square you think you’re on, or the one you’re facing? Since there’s not a highlight or guide to help clue you in much of the time this feels a bit random, and when you’re dealing with a genre where people are setting up rows of crops or are trying to be precise in some way this is maddening. The second major issue is with bugs or inconsistencies, and though many were smaller I kept running into them. Messages or highlights that wouldn’t go away, quirks in menus, text that in places is simply too small (playing in handheld mode likely won’t be viable with some of the text the way it is displayed in the game). It’s just a situation where the lack of polish and care really made it hard to focus on anything but the culmination of problems, and since this genre runs pretty deep with excellence in the eShop the game’s novelty isn’t enough to warrant your time in this state.

    Justin Nation, Score:
    Fair [6.3]

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