Developer: Ratalaika Games

  • Price: $9.99
  • Release Date: May 26, 2023
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Last on Sale: -
  • Lowest Historic Price: -
  • ESRB Rating: E10+ [Everyone 10+]
  • Even on a budget, as twin-stick roguelikes go Replikator simply doesn’t make much of an impression

    As a huge fan of twin-stick shooting goodness, especially when matched well with roguelike variability, Replikator sounded like it could have some potential for fun. With its very budget-friendly price there’s some added appeal, but in the playing I think it’s a bit too much of a mixed bag to get excited about. While not all shooters of this kind have to be wall-to-wall intensity I do think that it’s important that they have a certain flow to them when you get into combat. Between your ammo scarcity and just the controls not quite being as buttery smooth as I’d like I never really felt in the zone while traipsing around the halls of procedurally-generated space stations trying to take out rogue robots of various kinds. Your ability to move between two weapons and then get in close with melee if necessary is certainly appreciated, especially since the hard-hitting explosive shots that are great against bigger singular targets can be a bit tough to be effective with when you run into a pack of enemies. Just with so much great competition out there the experience failed to make what will be any sort of lasting impression. Whether you’re looking for more intense, more varied, or more innovative there are just better options than this waiting for you in the eShop.

    Justin Nation, Score:
    Fair [6.2]

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