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STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed

Developer: Krome Studios

Publisher: Aspyr

  • Price: $19.99
  • Release Date: Apr 20, 2022
  • Number of Players: 1 - 2
  • Last on Sale: Jun 20, 2024 [$9.99]
  • Lowest Historic Price: $9.99
  • ESRB Rating: T [Teen]
  • It has been pretty wild to return to many of the classic Star Wars titles on the Switch, and consistent with their original outings the results for each have varied in both general quality and in continued playability. Among my favorites of the bunch from back in the day, the Force Unleashed titles were always a bit of Star Wars fantasy fulfillment, arming you with all of the power, and optionally few of the responsibilities for using them responsibly. While there’s a bit of a learning curve through the early tutorial that drags on a little too long, once you’re let off the chain the fun really does begin in earnest. What’s terrific here is that you have far more capabilities than you may even choose to take advantage of, and what that opens the door to is quite a bit of improvisation as you wreck everyone and everything in your way with gusto. While I wouldn’t say all aspects of combat, particularly in the “boss battles”, are the cleanest and most satisfying when compared to contemporary efforts it’s hard not to love just about everything else, simply going ham on entire squads and wrecking them all. I consider this one of the strongest classic Star Wars titles out there that has aged reasonably well if you look past the visuals to appreciate a good time to be had, especially if you’ve got a mean streak and some creativity in you.

    Justin Nation, Score:
    Nindie Choice! [8.0]

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