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Developer: Digital Kingdom

Publisher: Thunderful

  • Price: $19.99
  • Release Date: Dec 5, 2022
  • Number of Players: 1
  • Last on Sale: Feb 14, 2024 [$9.99]
  • Lowest Historic Price: $9.99
  • ESRB Rating: E [Everyone]
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  • Fan of arcade-like intensity and a tough-but-fair level of challenge should really dig this unique roguelike dodge-em-up

    I’ve always said that one thing I love about roguelikes is how they remind me of classic arcade games. They’ll put you to the test and expect that you’ll usually fail, but then you dust yourself off, put in another quarter, and come back for more. Swordship is right in the sweet spot where these two styles converge, bringing a unique and very action-oriented style of play to the table but then throwing some delicious risk and reward elements (tied to a well-implemented meta progression system) into the mix as well. While your base task is to simply stay alive, ducking and dodging all manner of enemy attacks and hazards, to progress you’re going to need to retrieve and drop off crates amidst the chaos. Depending on the type of ship you’re using you’ll then have the option to use those crates for extra lives and some useful perks, or essentially give them away to drive up your score, which is directly tied to new unlocks. The more you unlock, the more crazy things will tend to get, and the harder it will then be to unlock more. While this dodge-em-up may not have broad appeal because of its difficulty, I would encourage anyone who likes a unique challenge to check it out, it’s a fabulously unique idea that is implemented extremely well on all fronts!

    Justin Nation, Score:
    Nindie Choice! [8.9]

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