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Welcome to the NEW Nindie Spotlight!
So, yeah, I finally decided to ditch the crappy Blogger set-up but it was free...

Hey indie fans of all stripes, this weekend things are switching over to a very new look and feel... you know, something that doesn't feel like it was slapped together cheap (it WAS!). I decided it was high time to invest more than my many hours playing, writing about, creating video for, and collecting info on tons of great indie titles on Switch every week and do things properly. Thankfully, given I'm a web developer by trade, that's well within my wheelhouse.

I'm gonna tell you, some of the changes I've made and the design I've decided to go with took a little getting used to. I'm old-fashioned, but ditching tables completely for this site to go with the very malleable grids with a visually-intensive (rather than text-intensive) look more in tune with the modern age and looking at sites on your phone, took some experimenting. The thing is, when you're able to go to pages and quickly and easily filter down to the types of games you're interested in, whether on the main review page, the sales page, or even the top lists, it really makes it easier for people to quickly and conveniently get what they want so I'm all for it. The fact that the site will adapt to pretty well any size screen you have smoothly is also a major design plus.

I hope you'll enjoy the new Steals & Deals area that will become your ongoing source for the best curated indie games on sale. I'll still be doing the weekly video summaries for probably the Top 50 of each, but if you want to dive into everything there is, that page is a much more efficient, convenient, and obviously scalable solution to you at all times rather than 1 day every week.

Anyway, we'll see how this goes, as now with this platform there are many possibilities that have opened up. I'm hoping this is all well-received and people find that it works for them better than the old site, as I've tried to do whatever I can to keep things looking great but as efficient as I can manage. If you have any thoughts, feel free to send them along to me.

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