Splatoon 3 on the Floor at PAX West Banner
Splatoon 3 on the Floor at PAX West
The Scenic Splatlands of Splatoon 3 Are Surfacing in Nintendo’s Booth at PAX West 2022

In the upcoming Splatoon 3 game, which launches for the Nintendo Switch family of systems on Sept. 9, the breathtaking rocks of the new Scorch Gorge stage rise up like chimneys. They’ll also be appearing as backdrops within the Nintendo booth at this year’s PAX West, which is being transformed into scenes inspired by the sun-scorched Splatlands from Splatoon 3. The Nintendo Splatoon 3 booth at PAX West in Seattle on Sept. 2-5 will provide the perfect environment for in-game splatting … and real-life photo opportunities!

PAX West attendees eager to jump into the world of Splatoon 3 will also have a chance to play a demo of multiplayer Turf War battles before the full game launches. Multiple teams of four will compete to ink the most turf on the map within three minutes. Both newcomers and Splatoon series veterans are invited to give the game a try! A free Warp Pipe Pass is required to play Splatoon 3 at the Nintendo Booth, and starting today, fans can register for the chance to reserve a free Warp Pipe Pass.* Registration is now open!

Source: Nintendo Press Release

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