Getting to Cursed Zeus and the Office in Neon Abyss Banner
Getting to Cursed Zeus and the Office in Neon Abyss
While I'm probably running late, I finally was able to take on the new boss and enter THE OFFICE

At long last you can finally get into the vaunted office to meet Hades himself (complete with some very aware humor) after defeating the new tough-to-get-to boss: Cursed Zeus. The trick to getting to him is that while you can go to Ares and Athena to get perks you need to be sure you don't pick up their tokens, and then when you take on HAL you need to be sure your faith gauge is completely non-existent, making the best tactic to do what I'd done, being sure to have close to a full gauge when you start that stage, fill it completely, and then only going to that portal right before taking on HAL. That way you guarantee you won't have anything in either direction and you can face Cursed Zeus yourself!

From there you'll get the opportunity to open up yet another new area by collection 20 special tokens you only get from taking down the end bosses. Once I get them I'll share new video but from reading up it then opens up a bug menu essentially. Love that this title continues to get better with more fun perks, pets, weapons, and content this far after initial release!

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