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Developer: Gamedust

  • Price: $9.99 $19.99 (50% Off!)
  • Release Date: May 25, 2023
  • Number of Players: 1
  • On Sale Through: Dec 4, 2023 [$9.99]
  • Lowest Historic Price: $9.99
  • ESRB Rating: E [Everyone]
  • Despite it not being a very thrilling activity (known from experience), I’ll admit that this is an accurate simulation if it sounds cool to you

    I’ll open this with one of the details I never figured would overlap with game reviewing, but waaay back when I was in my late teens I worked two summers in warehouses and during that time I spent some time operating forklifts. Weirdly, that makes me particularly skilled in assessing just how well this simulator captures the experience, and though I wouldn’t consider it to be a thrilling activity I’ll admit the game pretty well nails the mechanics of operating one completely. Between the odd way they turn, lifting and tilting the forks, and even down to the “feel” of trying to convince a palette to either cooperate and get on, or to let go as well, it brought me back a few decades. Now, I did have some objections to things like it not being very clear in which orientation you were expected to put some palettes on shelves, finding out too late you need to turn it 90 degrees to satisfy proper placement, but outside of a few elements like that it played pretty well as a whole. It may not be thrilling, but among the warehouse work simulations I’ve played featuring forklifts (OK, so this is only the second one), this actually delivers what it promises if that sounds like a good time to you.

    Justin Nation, Score:
    Good [7.9]

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