Stardew Valley Banner
Stardew Valley

Possibly one of the most successful indie games ever made by a single developer Stardew Valley is wonderfully calming...

Mini Motorways Banner
Mini Motorways

Whoever out there would say that simple games, or at least ones that at a glance could be “casual”, are a...

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Banner
Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

While it is certainly playable, enjoyable, and challenging as a single-player game where Lovers really shines is in p...

Star Wars Pinball Banner
Star Wars Pinball
If you’re either a massive Star Wars or pinball fan you can stop reading the review now and just buy this… rest assured,...
Train Valley: Console Edition Banner
Train Valley: Console Edition
This seemingly calm and pleasant train sim is actually quite a tastily strategic challenge in disguise
Endling - Extinction is Forever Banner
Endling - Extinction is Forever
When you’ve been playing 10 - 20 games a week for the last 4 years it can get to be a challenge for games to really stan...
Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition Banner
Two Point Hospital: JUMBO Edition

Sharing a thought, in many ways I still have a real beef with EA and the fact that they absorbed and pretty well ruin...

Megaquarium Banner
Manage your own aquarium and try to "lure" in the public in this pleasant sim
Arcade Paradise Banner
Arcade Paradise
If you have nostalgia for the classic arcades of the 80s and early 90s the chance to run one of your own is tempting...

While in general there’s been a lack of diverse sports games on the Switch, despite the past popularity of skii...

Chess Ultra Banner
Chess Ultra

From top to bottom Chess Ultra is a complete package and perfect for anyone who either loves or would like to develop...

My Fantastic Ranch Banner
My Fantastic Ranch
While seasoned gamers will likely bristle at its simplicity, this is a great starter sim for the younger set
Before We Leave Banner
Before We Leave
Smart strategic city-building and a pro-environment vibe help this sim stand out as something enjoyable
Barn Finders Banner
Barn Finders

It’s always a pleasant surprise when a game that looks and feels in line with titles you’ve struggled to enjoy in the...

Cat Cafe Manager Banner
Cat Cafe Manager
When it comes to things like business sims there’s a tendency, once you’ve played enough, for them to feel a bit indisti...
Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator Banner
Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator
I’ll just open with the fact that I truly despise pretty well all forms of alcohol, so in theory I’m a tough sell for a ...
Youtubers Life 2 Banner
Youtubers Life 2
While the original YouTubers Life was certainly novel there was just something about it that felt more one-dimensional t...
Suzerain Banner
If you’ve ever pondered what it would be like to take control of the reigns of government, or perhaps that being in char...
112 Operator Banner
112 Operator
Simulations can be a tricky business on consoles since they typically feature more complex controls better suited to the...
King of Seas Banner
King of Seas
Whenever you embark on a journey while raising your Jolly Roger on the high seas, pretty well everyone out there is goin...
Pure Pool Banner
Pure Pool
While I’ve never been super serious about playing pool it is a sport I’ve enjoyed in quite a number of pool halls and fr...
Space Crew: Legendary Edition Banner
Space Crew: Legendary Edition
When it comes to strategy games we’re finally to the point where the Switch has a fair amount of diversity. One of the m...
AO Tennis 2 Banner
AO Tennis 2
Let’s face it, when it comes to sports titles, let alone more serious sports sims, the Switch library is a bit of a wast...
War Tech Fighters Banner
War Tech Fighters
While there have been a few big robots battling in space games on Switch to date none of them have quite clicked for me....
Goat Simulator: The GOATY Banner
Goat Simulator: The GOATY
Among the many weirdo physics games I’ve played there’s never been anything quite like Goat Simulator. At a highly count...
Stern Pinball Arcade Banner
Stern Pinball Arcade
As a whole the base engine performs well on the Switch, only on rare occasions showing any signs of a stutter, I only hi...
Gas Station Simulator Banner
Gas Station Simulator
If your goal is to get into a groove of satisfying service, maintenance, and renovation tasks, this does a reasonable job of it
Alumni - Escape Room Adventure Banner
Alumni - Escape Room Adventure
The Escape Room Adventure series continues to provide a solid challenge, but they are getting tough to differentiate
Toy Soldiers HD Banner
Toy Soldiers HD
This strategy / action hybrid has gotten only a mild facelift but its unique and approachable play remains intact
FUZE4 Nintendo Switch Banner
FUZE4 Nintendo Switch

Have you ever wondered how games are developed and what it takes behind the scenes mechanically to make it happen? Ha...

Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch Banner
Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch
With some patching it offers a solid mix of farm and pet care sim, but bugs for now should give you pause
Horse Club™ Adventures 2: Hazelwood Stories Banner
Horse Club™ Adventures 2: Hazelwood Stories
Given the lack of content for younger gamers out there, it’s nice to see this worthwhile sim arrive on the Switch
My Universe - Green Adventure: Farmer's Friends Banner
My Universe - Green Adventure: Farmer's Friends

Mixed feelings on this one, as despite its relative overall simplicity and not doing anything terribly original, I ac...

Delivery From the Pain Banner
Delivery From the Pain
It’s been an interesting year if you’re a fan of post-Apocalyptic zombie survival games, as now we’ve seen three very di...
Farm Tycoon Banner
Farm Tycoon

While strategy and simulation titles remain a staple in the PC space, more often than not they tend to struggle on co...

Townscaper Banner
Not so much a game as an interactive toy, Townscaper is just a different sort of experience that people will likely eith...
SnowRunner Banner
Realistic all-terrain driving games are an odd breed that has emerged in popularity in more recent years, and to date ha...
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition Banner
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition
Ever since the original title in the series way back in the day I’ve been a big RCT fan. While management games like thi...
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Banner
VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action
Having never played a bartending game in my life before this year I find it unusual that I’m now reviewing my second one...
Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing Banner
Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing
More than anything else the positive of Bow to Blood is that it’s thoroughly unique, offering up an experience I can’t s...

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