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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Banner
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

One of the very first games available for the system, as I was already a huge fan from the PC space it was a Day 1 pu...

Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe Banner
Battle Chef Brigade Deluxe

Brigade is a game that immediately sounded appealing when I heard the premise and then delivered something truly uniq...


Bless the indie devs that are determined to just completely go off in left field and do something unique. What the Go...

Untitled Goose Game Banner
Untitled Goose Game
Bless indie developers and their ability to come up with weird concepts for gameplay that you probably never considered ...
Flipping Death Banner
Flipping Death
Whenever you talk about classic adventure titles there's roughly a standing assumption that they'll bog down at some poi...
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Banner
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
First developing quite a notorious reputation as a free title, DDLC has finally made its disturbing way to Switch… and w...
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Banner
There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension
OK, so typically when you see games coming over in some form from the mobile space I tend to put on my skeptic hat and p...
While it’s great to play games or watch movies cheering on the brave heroes who fight and persevere against horrible mon...
Ms. Splosion Man Banner
Ms. Splosion Man
I'd heard of this title before but nothing could prepare me for just how weirdly, brilliantly silly it all is. While in ...
Pool Panic Banner
Pool Panic
This was hands down my favorite title I'd never really heard about that I got to check out at PAX East. Thoroughly weird...
West of Loathing Banner
West of Loathing
Don’t let its simple stick figure look fool you, this is an odd, funny, and extremely worthwhile gem of an adventure worth your time
Bridge Constructor Portal Banner
Bridge Constructor Portal
While there have been a few different bridge construction games on the Switch I'd say this one, by far, stands out from ...
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Banner
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space

Oh, Sam & Max, I simply can’t resist your weirdo humor, references, and charm. Once again the dysfunctional...

Ultimate Chicken Horse Banner
Ultimate Chicken Horse
If your goal is to get a group of friends laughing, yelling, and throwing down smack talk, this is a great choice
Yoku's Island Express Banner
Yoku's Island Express
In general, everything you need to accomplish is some riff on classic pinball mechanics. You’ll have flippers, bumpers, ...
TumbleSeed Banner

I consider Tumbleseed to be one of the best games on the system that very few people gave a chance. In part because i...

Shadows Over Loathing Banner
Shadows Over Loathing
Continuing the weird style and sense of humor from “West”, Shadows Over Loathing turns the uniqueness dial to 11
Killer Frequency Banner
Killer Frequency
While perhaps its VR-ish setting is only minimally functional, the parts that deliver like the voice acting, suspense, and humor work wonderfully
Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Banner
Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure
I’m pretty much always a sucker for the classic noir detective style, and when a game instead chooses to skewer it a bit...
UnMetal Banner
While we hardcore types love our games, that isn’t to say that when confronted with examples of the silliness we regular...
No More Heroes Banner
No More Heroes
There’s something to be said for being authentically original, for me that’s especially the case for when the general pl...
Helheim Hassle Banner
Helheim Hassle
Where weird games are concerned I may be one of the subgenre’s biggest fans. Granted, the style of play in them varies w...
Freedom Finger Banner
Freedom Finger
When I originally caught this title at PAX I was drawn in by its sheer attitude, blending together some great voice acti...
My Friend Pedro Banner
My Friend Pedro
All in all My Friend Pedro handily delivers what it promises, bonkers gunplay, challenging scenarios, and when you’re on...
Baba Is You Banner
Baba Is You
Why settle for going the normal route and following the game’s rules to win when you can simply look for ways to change ...
Who knew that the life of a Roomba could be so exciting, just look out for that corpse grinding feature...
RPG Time: The Legend of Wright Banner
RPG Time: The Legend of Wright
Super-creative and lovingly animated with hand-drawn and crafted elements, this RPG has a simple charm that works
Lost in Play Banner
Lost in Play
Terrific animation, solid voice acting, and a light but fun puzzle adventure style make this a solid treat
GoNNER Banner

I'm not gonna lie, GoNNER gets off to a very rough start and it a true roguelike in that it is frustrating and ha...

Octodad: Dadliest Catch Banner
Octodad: Dadliest Catch

What will likely either attract people to Octodad or scare them away will be its unorthodox control and style of play...

Fashion Police Squad Banner
Fashion Police Squad
A fresh take on the old-school first-person shooter infused with color, comedy, and generally smart gameplay
Sam & Max Save the World Banner
Sam & Max Save the World

I will gladly and freely admit to my bias here, ever since the original Sam & Max Hit the Road made way back when...

Thimbleweed Park Banner
Thimbleweed Park

The classic LucasArts adventure games were staple PC titles always guaranteeing great laughs from their quirky charac...

Project Dark Banner
Project Dark
Focused almost entirely on what you hear, allowing you to even play it with your eyes closed, Project Dark is a unique experience
FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Banner
FATAL FRAME: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse
While its predecessor had the elements of a creepy good time present, Mask of the Lunar Eclipse brings it all together
RE:CALL Banner
With its time and reality-bending story-telling revisionism, RE:CALL makes for a unique experience
Card Shark Banner
Card Shark
Bless the indie developers who are determined to take ideas that may sound a bit crazy in concept and run with them, rev...
tERRORbane Banner
When it comes to adjectives I like to see associated with games, weird and funny are pretty high on my list, though I’ll...
What Lies in the Multiverse Banner
What Lies in the Multiverse
This is a case where you have a game with a very cool sense of style, a compelling set of main characters who have some ...
The Artful Escape Banner
The Artful Escape
One opportunity that the smaller teams and budgets behind typical indie games have is to take bigger risks, either blend...
DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game Banner
DEEEER Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game

Weirdo physics games are definitely their own thing, probably best championed by the reigning king of the genre, the ...

Epic Chef Banner
Epic Chef
I’ll freely admit to having a bit of a weakness for weird and quirky games, so I’d keep that in mind with my thoughts on...
Happy Game Banner
Happy Game
Like a moth to a flame I tend to be easily drawn to the oddball titles on Switch, and there’s no doubt that Happy Game q...
Boyfriend Dungeon Banner
Boyfriend Dungeon
Elevator pitch time… so what if the goal was to make a game that fully embraces and meshes together intense slashing rog...
Epistory - Typing Chronicles Banner
Epistory - Typing Chronicles
Forgive me, but I’m an absolute sucker for games that do things differently… in fact, I tend to seek them out. One of th...
Cyber Hook Banner
Cyber Hook
Having originally checked it out at PAX East last year, Cyber Hook was a title I was pretty eagerly waiting to see in it...
Very Very Valet Banner
Very Very Valet
Blending together time management sims, an injection of Crazy Taxi road silliness, and (ideally) multiplayer madness, Ve...
Luckslinger Banner
As a fan of games that subvert expectations and are determined to simply be a bit weird, Luckslinger puts a smile on my ...
Say No! More Banner
Say No! More
The thing about “weird games” is that they can be very hard to define or describe by typical genre rules or through comp...
Kill It With Fire Banner
Kill It With Fire
While possibly not an ideal game for arachnophobes, Kill It With Fire is what I’d consider a “wacky physics type game” d...

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