This is simply a nautical adventure that continues to surprise, somehow both placid and often tense, routine and yet full of nasty surprises
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Banner
The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe

Among the indie games I’ve greatly enjoyed on PC over the years and have wondered when they would make their wa...

Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan Banner
Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan
Having spent far more time with Rainbow Billy than I would have expected, I’ve become a big fan of its unique mix of adv...
Nuclear Blaze Banner
Nuclear Blaze
A creative take on a puzzle platforming adventure that’s challenging but fair, and has plenty of secrets to discover along the way
Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth Banner
Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth
If you don’t mind the sometimes glacial pacing of the adventure aspects, the art and story here are top-tier within the space
Blanc Banner
This mesmerizing adventure in black and white is both accessible and brilliant for sharing with a friend or tackling solo
LEGO® Bricktales Banner
LEGO® Bricktales
Finally, a LEGO game that truly captures the essence of both its creative and functional play in digital form
Flipping Death Banner
Flipping Death
Whenever you talk about classic adventure titles there's roughly a standing assumption that they'll bog down at some poi...
Temtem Banner
There's finally a legit upstart contender for the monster-collecting throne...
Citizen Sleeper Banner
Citizen Sleeper

As regulars probably know well by now, I don’t tend to be a fan of visual novels and even sometimes struggle wi...

While I’ve been able to be objective about survival games in order to attempt to give them an appropriately fair shake r...
The Wild at Heart Banner
The Wild at Heart
Sometimes all you need to get excited about a title are a few evocative words, commonly referred to as an “elevator pitc...
Unsighted is interesting to me, in part because at just a casual glance, or even just a very short play session, I belie...
Eastward Banner
When it comes to pixel art action-adventures the normal standard that is compared against would be The Legend of Zelda: ...
Lost in Random Banner
Lost in Random
Full disclosure, up front I’ll admit that I’ve always tended to be fond of games from the Zoink crew, in particular find...
Shantae and the Seven Sirens Banner
Shantae and the Seven Sirens
While I’m a relatively recent fan of the Shantae series, having just been introduced to it in the collection release on ...
Indivisible Banner
Probably one of the things I appreciate most in an indie game is for it to surprise me, and with its unwillingness to be...
Sparklite Banner
Since I’m a huge fan of roguelikes and their ability to revitalize and alter how you play more classic genres I’ve alway...
The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse Banner
The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse
While I know there are people out there who’ve kind of gotten tired of the label roguelike being thrown around I continu...
Hyper Light Drifter -Special Edition Banner
Hyper Light Drifter -Special Edition
The first thing to know is that the only way to digest the game’s story is through still images and small in-game moment...
Pool Panic Banner
Pool Panic
This was hands down my favorite title I'd never really heard about that I got to check out at PAX East. Thoroughly weird...
Harmony: The Fall of Reverie Banner
Harmony: The Fall of Reverie
In many ways playing out as a more mature and deeper Choose Your Own Adventure take, Harmony offers great dynamic storytelling
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space Banner
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space

Oh, Sam & Max, I simply can’t resist your weirdo humor, references, and charm. Once again the dysfunctional...

Yoku's Island Express Banner
Yoku's Island Express
In general, everything you need to accomplish is some riff on classic pinball mechanics. You’ll have flippers, bumpers, ...
Tunic Banner
Undoubtedly the most well-crafted “tough Zelda” game out there, with tons to discover and learn (usually the hard way)
Steve Jackson's Sorcery! Banner
Steve Jackson's Sorcery!

While I may be prone to complaining when titles put me to sleep with their droning stories and dry lore, when the qua...

Lucy Dreaming Banner
Lucy Dreaming
A more retro-than-typical style of interface, cheeky humor, and great voice acting helps to lift this adventure up
Beacon Pines Banner
Beacon Pines
Can you make the crucial decisions it takes to save your friends and your struggling town?
Kathy Rain: Director's Cut Banner
Kathy Rain: Director's Cut

While there have been a great number of LucasArts-esque point-and-click adventure titles on Switch, not all of them h...

Little Nightmares II Banner
Little Nightmares II

Having missed out on the original, though certainly having heard its praises, I walked into Little Nightmares 2 with ...

Trifox Banner
While not perfect, Trifox is a refreshing take on 3D platforming and affords you great flexibility in how you play
Youropa Banner
While this gravity-defying and somewhat mind-bending 3D puzzler can be aggravating it’s also quite unique
Coromon Banner

The distance between honoring a game (trying to build on what made people love it and hoping to create something a li...

Bugsnax Banner

As long-time followers of mine will undoubtedly know, I’m a lover of games that qualify as being weird. With th...

Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread Banner
Blast Brigade vs. the Evil Legion of Dr. Cread

When I typically think of Metroidvanias I’ve been conditioned a bit to the point that I assume the balance is u...

Hindsight Banner
There’s just something about playing the right story-driven game that speaks to some aspect of your own life or trials t...
Maybe it’s the 80s kid and 90s twenty-something in me, but I’ll admit that when a game features a slice of life from my ...
Tormented Souls Banner
Tormented Souls
In general I’ll admit that I’ve been a bit frustrated by games from the indie space on Switch who describe themselves as...
FAR: Changing Tides Banner
FAR: Changing Tides
Picking up roughly where the original FAR left off, and generally offering up a very similar (though longer and refined)...
Wytchwood Banner
When I think of games that heavily involve crafting my mind usually goes to survival titles, a genre I’ve struggled with...
Life is Strange: True Colors Banner
Life is Strange: True Colors
While there are many excellent story-driven titles in the Switch eShop, the tendency is more usually on grand tales or b...
Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure Banner
Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure
I’m pretty much always a sucker for the classic noir detective style, and when a game instead chooses to skewer it a bit...
Lamentum Banner
I’m sad to say that more often than not, on the Switch, games pushing “horror” in some way have struggled and failed in ...
Greak: Memories of Azur Banner
Greak: Memories of Azur
When you’re this far into a system’s lifespan, making a splash with a game that not only has a distinctive look but that...
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Banner
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
It’s weird how at times in certain genres when it rains, it pours, and exploration-based discovery titles are currently ...
Sumire Banner
Though I love running and gunning and high-intensity games there’s no denying that games with a compelling and heart-fel...
Layers of Fear 2 Banner
Layers of Fear 2
“Walking simulators” that play out as horror titles on the Switch, more often than not, have tended to be a bit of a bus...
Bladed Fury Banner
Bladed Fury
While side-scrolling slashers have been around for quite some time, and tend to show up in some abundance, I’ve more oft...
Wildfire Banner
Stealth-oriented games have never typically made for my favorite experiences but there are times when the mechanic is ei...
Chicken Police  Paint it RED! Banner
Chicken Police Paint it RED!
While it has been a pretty long time since the genre was even remotely in style I’ve always been a fan of the hard-boile...
Roki Banner
When you’re young your imagination can truly be a powerful (and sometimes scary) thing. Being fed by your parents, the m...
Windbound Banner
Starting out with an admission I’ll say that, in general, I’m not typically an automatic fan of survival games. Too ofte...
Helheim Hassle Banner
Helheim Hassle
Where weird games are concerned I may be one of the subgenre’s biggest fans. Granted, the style of play in them varies w...
The Outer Worlds Banner
The Outer Worlds
Before fully getting into why I think this is an excellent title, and a breath of fresh air I’ve been needing on Switch,...
Afterparty Banner
The indie scene, in general, has seemed to fully embrace the concept of a “story-driven adventure”, less focused on acti...
Tangle Tower Banner
Tangle Tower
When there are so many point-and-click style adventures available on the Switch it pays to try to stand out. Smart puzzl...
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Banner
Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
Retro games or those that attempt to recapture a certain vintage feel can be a tricky business and there’s no doubt that...
Cinders Banner
Pretty well instantly upon finishing my initial version of this story I was compelled to start up and try another path a...
The Spectrum Retreat Banner
The Spectrum Retreat
You begin by waking in a somewhat modern-looking hotel room and are pretty quickly greeted by one of the staff, an almos...
Last Day of June Banner
Last Day of June
In order to reveal next to nothing at all of the overall narrative, for fear of ruining pretty well anything, I’ll leave...
Night in the Woods Banner
Night in the Woods
Returning from a failed attempt at going to college you'll play the part of Mae, a young woman with a checkered past who...
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King Banner
Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King
Perhaps a little less gaining inspiration from the classic top-down Zelda titles like Link to the Past than copying it o...
Ittle Dew 2+ Banner
Ittle Dew 2+
Combat, on the other hand, is more of a mixed bag on the whole. Even with the right equipment the overworld is a consist...
Children of Silentown Banner
Children of Silentown
Forgoing the typical adventure tendency towards humor, Silentown instead sprinkles in a sense of foreboding that’s refreshing
The Spirit and the Mouse Banner
The Spirit and the Mouse
A mix of cuteness, charm, and engaging exploration make this a winner
Tinykin Banner
The classic collect-a-thon isn't dead if we won't let it be, and Tinykin shows how that prompts exploration of huge areas
Silt Banner

Too often in the indie space I’ve found that games that bill themselves as being horror in some way have genera...

Alekon Banner
While there are obvious similarities with Pokemon Snap, Alekon distinguishes itself with more freedom and plenty of odd mini games
This pretty cool throwback to the age of classic cinematic adventures like Out of This World (and others) is a retro treat
A Space for the Unbound Banner
A Space for the Unbound
Some surprising depth and creative storytelling mechanics help this pixel adventure stand out
Little Noah: Scion of Paradise Banner
Little Noah: Scion of Paradise

As a long-time fan of roguelikes of all shapes and sizes I suppose it is natural that I’d be attracted to the p...

Arise: A Simple Story - Definitive Edition Banner
Arise: A Simple Story - Definitive Edition

While my fondest memories of great Switch titles tend to focus on games that are more on the more gameplay-focused si...

Kao the Kangaroo Banner
Kao the Kangaroo

While there’s no question that the traditional mascot platformers for the most part went the way of the dinosau...

El Hijo - A Wild West Tale Banner
El Hijo - A Wild West Tale

Stealth games, in general, usually aren’t my bag for whatever reason but while El Hijo heavily involves that me...

Raging Bytes Banner
Raging Bytes
In an eShop full of classic turn-based RPGs, the unique hook of Raging Bytes helps it stand apart from the competition
The Wreck Banner
The Wreck
Working through trauma both past and present, this is an emotional journey with unexpected twists and turns
Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary Banner
Q.U.B.E. 10th Anniversary
Even after 10 years, the original Q.U.B.E. remains a compelling and well-built first-person puzzler
Ooblets Banner
Without a doubt a charmingly weird little world to explore, capture critters, and then watch them dance battle in
Octodad: Dadliest Catch Banner
Octodad: Dadliest Catch

What will likely either attract people to Octodad or scare them away will be its unorthodox control and style of play...

Yono and the Celestial Elephants Banner
Yono and the Celestial Elephants

Nicknamed "cute elephant Zelda" by many fans on Twitter Yono doesn't exactly start out the game with a ...

Frank and Drake Banner
Frank and Drake
Aside from featuring the fantastic city of Baltimore and a wonderful rotoscoped style, there’s an intriguing story to enjoy here
Smushi Come Home Banner
Smushi Come Home
For gamers out there looking for an excuse to explore and generally just enjoy discovery without things being too taxing, this delivers
The Pathless Banner
The Pathless
Mixing together exploration and puzzle-solving, while never really cranking up the challenge, The Pathless has a unique feel on Switch
Spidersaurs Banner

Going back to the glory days of the classic Contra, both at home and in the arcades, the run ‘n gun shooter has...


While in general there’s been a lack of diverse sports games on the Switch, despite the past popularity of skii...

A Juggler's Tale Banner
A Juggler's Tale

With its marionette characters and associated string-based challenges, rhyming narration, and a healthy dose of charm...

Sam & Max Save the World Banner
Sam & Max Save the World

I will gladly and freely admit to my bias here, ever since the original Sam & Max Hit the Road made way back when...

Thimbleweed Park Banner
Thimbleweed Park

The classic LucasArts adventure games were staple PC titles always guaranteeing great laughs from their quirky charac...

Remnant: From the Ashes Banner
Remnant: From the Ashes
Feeling like it was designed to take some inspiration from the challenge of Dark Souls, and the format and look of Fallout, this feels pretty different
Wavetale Banner
Toning down the typical action adventure, Wavetale features plenty of serene and beautiful moments along the way
Wayward Strand Banner
Wayward Strand
In a world of narrowly-focused objectives in games, it’s sometimes nice to simply choose your own path
Barn Finders Banner
Barn Finders

It’s always a pleasant surprise when a game that looks and feels in line with titles you’ve struggled to enjoy in the...

Lamplight City Banner
Lamplight City
As a fan of both classic adventure titles and games with a unique sense of time and place, Lamplight City is an easy lay...
Sockventure Banner
While the emphasis in platformers in the past generation, especially when they’ve been 2D, has more often than not been ...
What Lies in the Multiverse Banner
What Lies in the Multiverse
This is a case where you have a game with a very cool sense of style, a compelling set of main characters who have some ...
Unforeseen Incidents Banner
Unforeseen Incidents
With the classic point-and-click adventure genre in full-on renaissance mode and a preponderance of options available to...
Lacuna Banner
I’ll admit that I tend to always be excited to check out an adventure with a noir sort of flavor, even if in the case of...
Beyond Blue Banner
Beyond Blue
Perhaps it’s the pandemic or the challenges of parenthood talking, but as much as I enjoy blowing things up or slashing ...
Epic Chef Banner
Epic Chef
I’ll freely admit to having a bit of a weakness for weird and quirky games, so I’d keep that in mind with my thoughts on...
Inspector Waffles Banner
Inspector Waffles
Maybe I’m just a sucker for a regular stream of puns when they’re dangled in front of me often, but having played quite ...

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