Hades Banner
OK, so I’ll admit the folks at Supergiant Games (behind the favorites Bastion and Transistor in particular) had me with ...
Dead Cells Banner
Dead Cells
This was probably my favorite game of 2018, though since it's also a very challenging title it won't be for everyone. I ...
Neon Abyss Banner
Neon Abyss
If you're up for a challenge, tons of power-ups, and bullets everywhere...
Children of Morta Banner
Children of Morta
While I have played (and generally enjoyed) a ton of roguelikes of all flavors on the Switch I can’t say any of them has...
Slay the Spire Banner
Slay the Spire
While deck building games would usually fall into the category of titles I’d file under “an acquired taste” the Switch n...
Nuclear Throne Banner
Nuclear Throne
Though it’s pretty clear in places that Nuclear Throne has aged a bit since its original release, its unapologetic degre...
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Banner
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

One of the very first games available for the system, as I was already a huge fan from the PC space it was a Day 1 pu...

Skul: The Hero Slayer Banner
Skul: The Hero Slayer
As a die hard fan of roguelikes perhaps it isn’t surprising that I’ve found Skul to be a great challenge and a good bit ...
Spelunky 2 Banner
Spelunky 2
It’s always a bit tricky to release both an original game and its sequel at the same time, but in the case of Spelunky 2...
Dicey Dungeons Banner
Dicey Dungeons
OK, so perhaps at this point the concept of a deck-building strategy roguelike has been played out a bit… but what if yo...
ScourgeBringer Banner
There’s something about ScourgeBringer that deep down brings back my nostalgia for being in an arcade, pumping quarters ...
Crown Trick Banner
Crown Trick
Among the many genres and subgenres roguelikes have managed to infiltrate I can’t say that a tactical turn-based adventu...
West of Dead Banner
West of Dead
While there are many roguelike shooters on the Switch (and quite a few of them are absolutely terrific) none of them pla...
Atomicrops Banner
For me, Atomicrops is a story of early frustration, followed by a slow warming up, which eventually became a pretty deep...
Sparklite Banner
Since I’m a huge fan of roguelikes and their ability to revitalize and alter how you play more classic genres I’ve alway...
A Robot Named Fight Banner
A Robot Named Fight
If Nintendo were to decide to turn the Metroid series into a roguelike it would likely end up looking quite a bit like A...
Steredenn: Binary Stars Banner
Steredenn: Binary Stars
Moving in a very different direction Steredenn is a bullet hell roguelike space shooter that has some truly bonkers weap...
Enter the Gungeon Banner
Enter the Gungeon
At the time of its announcement as one of the most anticipated roguelike shooters for the Switch among the people "in th...
Cult of the Lamb Banner
Cult of the Lamb
The folks at Devolver certainly have a type and know how to pick weird but excellent indies, striking gold again
TumbleSeed Banner

I consider Tumbleseed to be one of the best games on the system that very few people gave a chance. In part because i...

Pirates Outlaws Banner
Pirates Outlaws
With its smart and generally quick play, plenty of heroes to unlock, and a bit of roguelike flair this deckbuilder has a lot going for it
Neon Chrome Banner
Neon Chrome

I'd originally fallen in love with Neon Chrome on PC where I beat the game 4 times and it kept getting more inten...

Pathway Banner
Elevator pitch time: Set off on an adventure with a party of your choosing with a wide variety of skills. Every step of ...
Curse of the Dead Gods Banner
Curse of the Dead Gods
Roguelikes have exploded in popularity in the past few years, with games like Dead Cells and Hades showing the way the l...
UnderMine Banner
As a connoisseur of roguelike titles of all stripes Undermine had me excited at first glance. With its pick-axe throwing...
Void Bastards Banner
Void Bastards
While I’ve seen a few titles try to step up to the plate to establish a solid roguelike FPS to date nobody has really na...
Juicy Realm Banner
Juicy Realm
When it comes to roguelike shooters I’m both a tremendous fan and often a picky critic. We’ve been absolutely spoiled on...
Risk of Rain 2 Banner
Risk of Rain 2
Having played both the original Risk of Rain and the Early Access version of this sequel on PC I’m pretty well-acquainte...
Hell is Other Demons Banner
Hell is Other Demons
All things considered, Hell is Other Demons is a very good platforming shooter that plays smart, is challenging, and ult...
Airheart - Tales of broken Wings Banner
Airheart - Tales of broken Wings
This is a game that splices together twin-stick shooting, careful exploration, and crafting, but then throwing in roguel...
Downwell Banner
If you’re looking for something that’s quick to pick up and put down (you know, a great mobile experience) Downwell is a...
Moonlighter Banner
One part Zelda-esque combat and dungeon exploration and another part shop simulator Moonlighter is a title that looks gr...
Bombslinger Banner
Asking the question perhaps nobody answered: How do you finally give the tight gameplay of the classic Bomberman series ...
Flinthook Banner
The exciting and dangerous life of a swashbuckling bounty hunter is the focus in Flinthook, and the mix of shooting, swi...
Wildfrost Banner
While there are quite a number of quality roguelike deckbuilders already in the eShop, Wildfrost makes a strong case for some attention
Fights in Tight Spaces Banner
Fights in Tight Spaces
With a great visual style and differently-themed take on roguelike deckbuilding, Fights in Tight Spaces makes a case for your attention
Have A Nice Death Banner
Have A Nice Death
While there’s no question this challenging roguelike slasher has style to burn, some performance issues hold it back
Dust & Neon Banner
Dust & Neon
Featuring a consistent challenge and tense encounters, this roguelike shooter distinguishes itself in a crowded field
Monster Train First Class Banner
Monster Train First Class

While I’ll admit to having a bit of deckbuilding strategy fatigue, there have been a number of titles on Switch...

Neurodeck Banner
While the fact that we’ve been inundated with roguelike deckbuilders over roughly the last two years can make new entrie...
Dandy Ace Banner
Dandy Ace
While I’ve been a fan of roguelikes for quite some time it’s only been in the past few years with top-tier titles the li...
OK, so to start I’ll admit that just on paper I was already rooting for Metallic Child a bit. An anime-style roguelike b...
Space Scavenger Banner
Space Scavenger
There’s absolutely no denying that fans of twin-stick roguelike shooters, like myself, have an embarrassment of riches o...
Boyfriend Dungeon Banner
Boyfriend Dungeon
Elevator pitch time… so what if the goal was to make a game that fully embraces and meshes together intense slashing rog...
Crying Suns Banner
Crying Suns
When it comes to strategy games, on a general level it feels like the Switch hasn’t been terribly well-represented as a ...
Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager Banner
Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Manager
In order to keep things fresh developers have a constant challenge to mix and match genres and play styles in new ways. ...
Tesla Force Banner
Tesla Force
My feelings on this title swung around a bit since, at first blush, Tesla Force has a ton in common with 10Tons previous...
Going Under Banner
Going Under
As an enormous fan of anything roguelike Going Under has been on my radar since I first saw it announced, billing itself...
Nowhere Prophet Banner
Nowhere Prophet
In the last generation I’ve been surprised to see the deck-building strategy genre not only move from the fringes into t...
Colt Canyon Banner
Colt Canyon
Whenever a new roguelike shooter arrives on the scene you know I’m there with a degree of eagerness to see how it has tu...
Dungeon of the Endless Banner
Dungeon of the Endless
I’ll admit that when I first started playing this title it was a struggle since there’s a distinct lack of explanation t...
Fury Unleashed Banner
Fury Unleashed
With a comic book-inspired look, a pretty wide array of over-the-top weapons, and challenges aplenty Fury Unleashed is a...
EarthNight Banner
When you see or hear the words endless runner the typical reaction is to go straight into eye-rolling mode. More often t...
Caveblazers Banner
On the whole Caveblazers is a ton of challenging fun and currently has no direct competition on the Switch. If you can g...
I Hate Running Backwards Banner
I Hate Running Backwards
Though I initially struggled with it, wanting it to be a twin-stick shooter, once I got into the unique rhythm of I Hate...
Hand of Fate 2 Banner
Hand of Fate 2
Part card-based game of chance, part classic D&D-esque dungeon exploration, and part action game Hand of Fate 2 has ...
20XX Banner
As a non-fan of Mega Man the roguelike nature of 20XX at least appeals to me more than that series as a whole. The quick...
Wizard of Legend Banner
Wizard of Legend
Even with as many roguelikes as I’ve played Wizard of Legend is a bit of a surprise, but that cuts both ways. On the one...
GONNER2 Banner

I absolutely adore the original GoNNER but I won’t deny that it’s a love that wasn’t easy to develo...

Bravery and Greed Banner
Bravery and Greed
There are elements of this roguelike action game that work, but one critical one that lets the rest down
Mystic Gate Banner
Mystic Gate
While it doesn’t have the oomph to compete well in a crowded roguelike shooter space, for the price it has some merits
Lone Ruin Banner
Lone Ruin
This roguelike twin-stick shooter has its own sense of style, but its somewhat vanilla arcade-like grind detracts from its long-term viability
Castle Morihisa Banner
Castle Morihisa
This is one of those more unusual titles where on the one hand the core gameplay is pretty solid and works well, but on ...
Skeletal Avenger Banner
Skeletal Avenger
As a die hard roguelike fan I’m always eager to check out something new in the space, and Skeletal Avenger has some meri...
Evertried Banner
Strategy hasn’t tended to be a very common flavor for roguelikes on the Switch (well, at least ones that aren’t deck-bui...
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos Banner
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos
As a huge fan of roguelikes and someone who appreciates games that can bring people together I’ll come out and say I hav...
The Red Lantern Banner
The Red Lantern
Typically when you hear about roguelikes your mind conjures up images of action-oriented and intense play, whether slash...
Ring of Pain Banner
Ring of Pain
With a variety of titles proving that the tight and challenging strategy of a roguelike can make for compelling play it’...
Black Future '88 Banner
Black Future '88
Roguelike shooters have been a staple for me on the Switch, generally providing a great outlet for intense play for some...
Fans of challenging and highly strategic turn-based play have had a number of quality picks on the system to choose from...
Lost Castle Banner
Lost Castle
As a huge fan of both beat-em-ups and roguelikes this game is a bit like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup game for me, mixing...
Hellmut: The Badass from Hell Banner
Hellmut: The Badass from Hell
What’s odd is that even as frustrated as Hellmut could make me as I was trying to get a handle on it all, and even with ...
City of Brass Banner
City of Brass
I have no doubt that City of Brass won’t provide an experience everyone will love, but then again that’s not a shock whe...
Tangledeep Banner
On top of the core game itself, where you’ll explore, loot, and try to stay alive there are also multiple types of dunge...
Stellar Interface Banner
Stellar Interface
Providing a unique take on the combination of traditional arcade shooting and roguelike challenge Stellar Interface is a...
Mana Spark Banner
Mana Spark
Despite my complaints I was surprised at how much the loop of Mana Spark got me hooked. There’s some smart tactical comb...
Rogue Legacy Banner
Rogue Legacy
While it hasn’t aged particularly well, especially trying to follow such a strong title as Dead Cells which really took ...
Salt and Sanctuary Banner
Salt and Sanctuary
All in all Salt and Sacrifice delivers what it set out to do admirably, and for myself the comparisons to the Souls seri...
Death Road to Canada Banner
Death Road to Canada
For people who thoroughly enjoy all of the key elements Death Road to Canada offers I have no doubt there’s fun to be ha...
Quest of Dungeons Banner
Quest of Dungeons

If you're familiar with the original Rogue that the roguelike game style derived from you'll never find quite...


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