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Nuclear Throne Banner
Nuclear Throne
Though it’s pretty clear in places that Nuclear Throne has aged a bit since its original release, its unapologetic degre...
Assault Android Cactus+ Banner
Assault Android Cactus+
Starting with the basics the game gives you a starting roster of 4 androids to choose from, with another 5 that you’ll u...
DUSK Banner
When I played just a demo of this well over a year ago at PAX East on the Switch hardware I knew it had massive potentia...
Strange Brigade Banner
Strange Brigade
Having played through the full campaign of Strange Brigade with my daughter on PC, and having a terrific time with it, I...
Sniper Elite 4 Banner
Sniper Elite 4
The Sniper Elite series has always been an interesting red-headed step-child off to the side of the FPS genre. There’s n...
Atomicrops Banner
For me, Atomicrops is a story of early frustration, followed by a slow warming up, which eventually became a pretty deep...
Metro 2033 Redux Banner
Metro 2033 Redux
Set in a post-Apocalyptic Russia, primarily taking place in the labyrinth of subway tunnels and other areas below the su...
Tesla vs Lovecraft Banner
Tesla vs Lovecraft
As a massive fan of shooters you knew there would have to be some love thrown in that direction. While there were many o...
Steredenn: Binary Stars Banner
Steredenn: Binary Stars
Moving in a very different direction Steredenn is a bullet hell roguelike space shooter that has some truly bonkers weap...
Enter the Gungeon Banner
Enter the Gungeon
At the time of its announcement as one of the most anticipated roguelike shooters for the Switch among the people "in th...
Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron Banner
Aces of the Luftwaffe - Squadron

The classic arcade shooter 1943 and its many variants are among my favorites of all time and Aces does an incredible ...

With an absolutely unique mix of traditional arcade shooting and quasi-3D elements, Eschatos is a breath of fresh air in a crowded field
Jamestown+ Banner

The Switch has most certainly been blessed with a wide variety of excellent shmups since its release and with the rel...

Neon Chrome Banner
Neon Chrome

I'd originally fallen in love with Neon Chrome on PC where I beat the game 4 times and it kept getting more inten...

Graceful Explosion Machine Banner
Graceful Explosion Machine

What fascinates and has surprised me about GEM, it that it somehow has created a serene experience for more casu...

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Banner
Zombie Army 4: Dead War
The Sniper Elite series has been a pretty consistent source of stealthy Nazi body count accumulation on the Switch, and ...
Ah, the classic arcade light gun genre, remembered fondly for how bonkers it could be and a bit less positively for how ...
If you’re an old-school arcade shooter fan the Nintendo Switch was already bordering on a dream console. Now, with the a...
Boomerang X Banner
Boomerang X
With indie titles I’m always tickled when I encounter something just a bit different that feels fresh and challenging, a...
Mushihimesama Banner
While there are certainly more modern takes on bullet hell shmups from the past it’s always interesting to see an OG cla...
While I’ve generally heard good things about the Earth Defense Force series, to date it’s one that I’ve never had the pl...
With its visual flair, dystopian world, and what appeared to be a penchant for tense and violent action, Ruiner has been...
Rigid Force Redux Banner
Rigid Force Redux
When it comes to shmups on Switch the tendency is to see either games that tap firmly into nostalgia, adopting classic l...
Jet Lancer Banner
Jet Lancer
With so many high-quality shooters of all types and styles it takes some effort to put something new on the table, parti...
Void Bastards Banner
Void Bastards
While I’ve seen a few titles try to step up to the plate to establish a solid roguelike FPS to date nobody has really na...
Metro: Last Light Redux Banner
Metro: Last Light Redux
Released at the same time as Metro 2033 Redux, the original chapter of the series (you can get them together on the Metr...
Juicy Realm Banner
Juicy Realm
When it comes to roguelike shooters I’m both a tremendous fan and often a picky critic. We’ve been absolutely spoiled on...
Freedom Finger Banner
Freedom Finger
When I originally caught this title at PAX I was drawn in by its sheer attitude, blending together some great voice acti...
Hotline Miami Collection Banner
Hotline Miami Collection
Shadow dropped as a surprise this year, Hotline Miami was one of those indie darling titles that had shocked me continui...
My Friend Pedro Banner
My Friend Pedro
All in all My Friend Pedro handily delivers what it promises, bonkers gunplay, challenging scenarios, and when you’re on...
Hell is Other Demons Banner
Hell is Other Demons
All things considered, Hell is Other Demons is a very good platforming shooter that plays smart, is challenging, and ult...
Airheart - Tales of broken Wings Banner
Airheart - Tales of broken Wings
This is a game that splices together twin-stick shooting, careful exploration, and crafting, but then throwing in roguel...
Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax Banner
Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax
To think that when this title snuck onto the eShop I almost missed it. Since I'd not heard of it in advance of its relea...
Super Hydorah Banner
Super Hydorah
While inspired by the classics like R-Type and Gradius, Super Hydorah has a great feel and style all its own. You're abl...
The Bug Butcher Banner
The Bug Butcher
This is another title I hadn't heard too much about and almost missed that I'm very glad I go to check out this year. Es...
Velocity2X Banner
Working with a quick-warping mechanic, some tricky stage designs, and an ever-growing arsenal of abilities that you’ll n...
Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 Banner
Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2
Another sequel that took what worked in the original and then made it better on all levels, this side-scrolling zombie-b...
Ikaruga Banner
Though it's a carry-over from the previous generation there's still no other space shooter quite like Ikaruga. Not only ...
Bleed 2 Banner
Bleed 2
While sharing a lot in common with the original title Bleed 2 made critical refinements to make this run and gun shootin...
Nightmare Reaper Banner
Nightmare Reaper
If you’re looking for a pretty crazy and bloody good time, and don’t mind the retro FPS look and feel, this delivers
NeverAwake Banner
An unusual mix of classic side-scrolling shooter mechanics and twin-stick aiming makes for a thoroughly different experience
Alien Death Mob Banner
Alien Death Mob
This budget twin-stick shooter delivers a novel main game, but the magic is in 4 twin-stick takes on arcade classics
GoNNER Banner

I'm not gonna lie, GoNNER gets off to a very rough start and it a true roguelike in that it is frustrating and ha...

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun Banner
Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun
Even not really knowing or caring about the Warhammer 4k universe, there’s no question that this visceral retro RPS is a lot of fun
Aliens: Fireteam Elite Banner
Aliens: Fireteam Elite
If you have the connection to support this “cloud play” game, it offers intense and compelling squad-based shooting
Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers Banner
Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers
Undeniably novel and entertaining with its decision to run with the vintage 50s black and white sci-fi look, but just a decent arcade shooter overall
Dust & Neon Banner
Dust & Neon
Featuring a consistent challenge and tense encounters, this roguelike shooter distinguishes itself in a crowded field
Dezatopia Banner
Feeling like you’ve seen every sort of retro side-scrolling shooter possible? Then get a load of this!
Sine Mora EX Banner
Sine Mora EX

As a full package Sine Mora EX fills in a gap in the Switch line-up unless you’ve been indulging in the NeoGeo ...

Grand Brix Shooter Banner
Grand Brix Shooter

While I’m a big fan of arcade-style shooters of all types I’ll admit that generating excitement for them ...

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