Spiritfarer Banner
While many gamers enjoy blowing away enemies, racing through hairpin turns, or guiding their team to victory there’s a g...
GRIS Banner
As the game starts you’ll witness the main character, Gris, losing her voice. This seems to be both literal and symbolic...
Katana ZERO Banner
Katana ZERO
Katana Zero was absolutely one of the best games of 2019 and I’d be shocked it if didn’t end up in my Top 10 (and those...
The Gardens Between Banner
The Gardens Between
When we first saw footage of this title in one of the Nindie Directs it was already clear that the game was brilliant v...
Chained Echoes Banner
Chained Echoes
This single-developer passion project sets a standard for how the classic 16-bit JRPG can still be improved upon
A Musical Story Banner
A Musical Story
I’ve truly enjoyed the diverse set of indie titles that have come to the Switch under the category of rhythm and music. ...
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Banner
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!
First developing quite a notorious reputation as a free title, DDLC has finally made its disturbing way to Switch… and w...
Overboard! Banner

While I typically look to games to provide some action and excitement there are sometimes games that come from less h...

Signs of the Sojourner Banner
Signs of the Sojourner
There’s just something about this game that feels so brilliant and yet there’s also something unassuming about its natur...
Shady Part of Me Banner
Shady Part of Me
There’s something pretty delightful when you encounter games that you’ve never previously heard of that, once you begin ...
Horace Banner
Horace is an odd title in that much like the title character robot of the same name it is quite unassuming and humble bu...
Transistor Banner
As the follow-up to Bastion, Transistor has some of the same base elements as an action-oriented RPG but they're very di...
Bastion Banner
While people with access to other systems may well have played Bastion before since it's been around for a number of yea...
The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero Banner
The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero
While it very much feels like a traditional JRPG, there’s just a flair to this title that pulled me in
Beacon Pines Banner
Beacon Pines
Can you make the crucial decisions it takes to save your friends and your struggling town?
Gerda: A Flame in Winter Banner
Gerda: A Flame in Winter
Discover the challenge of navigating Nazi-occupied Denmark in this historically-inspired indie
Lost Words: Beyond the Page Banner
Lost Words: Beyond the Page

I’ll admit that this is a title that got off to a bit of a rocky start for me, with me essentially wondering wh...

The Excavation of Hob's Barrow Banner
The Excavation of Hob's Barrow
Delivers a mix of rural character, old-school adventure, and some legitimately chilling revelations
Hindsight Banner
There’s just something about playing the right story-driven game that speaks to some aspect of your own life or trials t...
South of the Circle Banner
South of the Circle
Telling a tale that spans multiple times and places, it makes for a different sort of romantic journey
FAR: Changing Tides Banner
FAR: Changing Tides
Picking up roughly where the original FAR left off, and generally offering up a very similar (though longer and refined)...
Welcome to Elk Banner
Welcome to Elk
One of the subgenres of games that has been extremely well-represented on the Switch has been story-driven games, and th...
Wytchwood Banner
When I think of games that heavily involve crafting my mind usually goes to survival titles, a genre I’ve struggled with...
Life is Strange: True Colors Banner
Life is Strange: True Colors
While there are many excellent story-driven titles in the Switch eShop, the tendency is more usually on grand tales or b...
Lamentum Banner
I’m sad to say that more often than not, on the Switch, games pushing “horror” in some way have struggled and failed in ...
Black Book Banner
Black Book
Whenever you see new titles show up in a genre that seems to be currently having its moment you end up taking a moment t...
Sumire Banner
Though I love running and gunning and high-intensity games there’s no denying that games with a compelling and heart-fel...
Layers of Fear 2 Banner
Layers of Fear 2
“Walking simulators” that play out as horror titles on the Switch, more often than not, have tended to be a bit of a bus...
Cozy Grove Banner
Cozy Grove
While bludgeoning or blowing away bad guys can always be good fun, everyone should have some time in their lives to slow...
Chicken Police  Paint it RED! Banner
Chicken Police Paint it RED!
While it has been a pretty long time since the genre was even remotely in style I’ve always been a fan of the hard-boile...
Along the Edge Banner
Along the Edge
On a general level interactive fiction titles haven’t been my cup of tea. It isn’t that I don’t appreciate that such an ...
Roki Banner
When you’re young your imagination can truly be a powerful (and sometimes scary) thing. Being fed by your parents, the m...
Through the Darkest of Times Banner
Through the Darkest of Times
While games are a great vehicle for departing from reality and enjoying an escape they’ve increasingly been used as a me...
The Complex Banner
The Complex
Having played “interactive movie” style games since way back when CD-ROMs first allowed them to exist with the likes of ...
Afterparty Banner
The indie scene, in general, has seemed to fully embrace the concept of a “story-driven adventure”, less focused on acti...
Knights and Bikes Banner
Knights and Bikes
Memories from my childhood, while often involving playing games on a variety of systems or in arcades, involve a pretty ...
198X Banner
As a child of the 70s and 80s who spent an enormous amount of time in the arcades there’s no doubt 198X was made for me....
80 DAYS Banner
Though the act of traversing the world is no longer such a grand feat in the time of Jules Verne, when he wrote Around t...
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Banner
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
Whether played solo or with a friend Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons makes for a thoughtful and generally satisfying puzzle...
The World Next Door Banner
The World Next Door
As the final credits rolled The World Next Door felt like a satisfying experience on the whole but I was also left with ...
Cinders Banner
Pretty well instantly upon finishing my initial version of this story I was compelled to start up and try another path a...
Figment Banner
This is probably the most action-oriented and challenging game in this small list but it also has a somewhat sad family-...
Last Day of June Banner
Last Day of June
In order to reveal next to nothing at all of the overall narrative, for fear of ruining pretty well anything, I’ll leave...
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Banner
Joe Dever's Lone Wolf
If the game was merely an interactive novel of sorts, where you’re simply making decisions that branch the storyline, it...
Night in the Woods Banner
Night in the Woods
Returning from a failed attempt at going to college you'll play the part of Mae, a young woman with a checkered past who...
Children of Silentown Banner
Children of Silentown
Forgoing the typical adventure tendency towards humor, Silentown instead sprinkles in a sense of foreboding that’s refreshing
The Gallery Banner
The Gallery
Two different and tense stories from different eras come to life in this well-acted FMV game
Ten Dates Banner
Ten Dates
This well-timed release drops you into the bumpy ride of looking for love, as you try to make a positive impression on a variety of dates
Trek to Yomi Banner
Trek to Yomi
Despite its action mostly being on the middling side, the game’s artistic style and story make it a compelling experience
A Space for the Unbound Banner
A Space for the Unbound
Some surprising depth and creative storytelling mechanics help this pixel adventure stand out
Foretales Banner
How do you make a splash on the Switch eShop? You polish, polish, polish…
The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition Banner
The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition

Among the indie titles that I’ve played and loved on the PC there aren’t too many that still haven’...

Jack Move Banner
Jack Move
Fans of Cyberpunky vibes, turn-based battling, and a bit of techno-jargon being thrown around should enjoy this one
Aspire: Ina's Tale Banner
Aspire: Ina's Tale

From an “elevator pitch” angle there’s something great about being able to cite popular and success...

A Juggler's Tale Banner
A Juggler's Tale

With its marionette characters and associated string-based challenges, rhyming narration, and a healthy dose of charm...

RE:CALL Banner
With its time and reality-bending story-telling revisionism, RE:CALL makes for a unique experience
Wavetale Banner
Toning down the typical action adventure, Wavetale features plenty of serene and beautiful moments along the way
Wayward Strand Banner
Wayward Strand
In a world of narrowly-focused objectives in games, it’s sometimes nice to simply choose your own path
ANNO: Mutationem Banner
ANNO: Mutationem
If you enjoy exploration and world building with a cyberpunky edge, you'll likely find ANNO to have some appeal
Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery Banner
Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery
While I love blasting off faces and racing to the finish line, there’s absolutely something to be said for slowing down ...
A Memoir Blue Banner
A Memoir Blue
I’ve been impressed so far this year that story-driven games on the Switch have continued to show up in force, but most ...
Unforeseen Incidents Banner
Unforeseen Incidents
With the classic point-and-click adventure genre in full-on renaissance mode and a preponderance of options available to...
The Artful Escape Banner
The Artful Escape
One opportunity that the smaller teams and budgets behind typical indie games have is to take bigger risks, either blend...
Lacuna Banner
I’ll admit that I tend to always be excited to check out an adventure with a noir sort of flavor, even if in the case of...
Suzerain Banner
If you’ve ever pondered what it would be like to take control of the reigns of government, or perhaps that being in char...
Necrobarista - Final Pour - Banner
Necrobarista - Final Pour -
I realize that more often than not I’m a sort of wet blanket in the area of visual novels, especially those that allow l...
Night Book Banner
Night Book
I’ve continued to be impressed with the strides the FMV game genre has made since its more humble CD-based beginnings. I...
112 Operator Banner
112 Operator
Simulations can be a tricky business on consoles since they typically feature more complex controls better suited to the...
Mutazione Banner
With an unusual art style and even more unusual characters you’ll encounter on a remote island Mutazione just feels diff...
Astrologaster Banner
Inspired by the spirit of Shakespeare’s Renaissance England, Astrologaster features a unique pop-up book art style, chor...
Embracelet Banner
This, for me, is one of those titles where it’s hard to articulate why I’m so taken in by it. With its low-poly look, it...
Liberated Banner
This is a title that easily caught my eye the first time I saw footage of it, the black-and-white comic book style and c...
Monster Prom: XXL Banner
Monster Prom: XXL
In the event your days as a teenager in high school weren’t traumatic enough, and you’re looking to recapture some of th...
A Fold Apart Banner
A Fold Apart
When looking at an eShop full of puzzlers and story-based experiences it can be difficult to separate the merely average...
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Banner
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
When a game starts up showing a warning that establishes it isn’t meant to hold your hand I’ll admit my “Ruh Roh Raggy” ...
My Memory of Us Banner
My Memory of Us
Overall, this is yet another great visually-impressive puzzle adventure to add to the Switch library. The art and the na...
ABZU Banner
Moving a bit further into the abstract you have Abzu, a game that relates the framework of a story with no words and tha...
Late Shift Banner
Late Shift
I must say that on pretty well all levels Late Shift is an amazing exercise in interactive storytelling. While I’d imagi...
A Normal Lost Phone Banner
A Normal Lost Phone
Overall, if you’re receptive to what I would consider a very honest and genuine study of someone going through a difficu...
Old Man's Journey Banner
Old Man's Journey
The gameplay over the pretty brisk 2 - 3 hours is interesting, mainly because of the beautiful hand-drawn landscapes tha...
Journey of the Broken Circle Banner
Journey of the Broken Circle

Who knew that an incomplete circle (who looks suspiciously like a certain gaming icon) and an oddball mix of plants a...

Inked: A Tale of Love Banner
Inked: A Tale of Love

The thing that will obviously grab you with this title is its unique (and quite lovely) art style. From there, though...

Moon Hunters Banner
Moon Hunters

All said, Moon Hunters is an ambitious and well-executed exercise in storytelling as much as it is in implementing th...

Evan's Remains Banner
Evan's Remains

This is a bit of a tough one as the overall package is an interesting mix, but whether you’ll be game for it wi...

MADiSON Banner
Undoubtedly dark and creepy, the survival horror of MADiSON can grab you but isn't perfect by any means
The Cruel King and the Great Hero Banner
The Cruel King and the Great Hero
It’s great that this far into the Switch’s lifespan there are enough RPGs that even genre fans don’t necessarily have to...
While I’m not typically a huge fan of visual novels there are times where one does something that helps is stand out fro...
Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders Banner
Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders
While there have been quite a variety of point-and-click adventures on the Switch to date, they’ve mostly been of a more...
Bloodshore Banner
It has been fascinating in the last generation or so to watch the FMV genre not only return to the fold, but really make...
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party Banner
One-Eyed Lee and the Dinner Party
I’ve tended to be pretty clear in my distaste for pure visual novels and their lack of interactivity, and when I started...
Last Stop Banner
Last Stop
With visual novel-type titles that limit your interactivity and the ability to greatly alter the outcome of the story I ...
Winds Of Change Banner
Winds Of Change
While interactive fiction doesn’t tend to suit my tastes most of the time there are instances where I can at least step ...
Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game Banner
Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game
As the definition of what’s a game has continued to evolve and diversify over the years we’ve seen increasingly creative...
Iris.Fall Banner

If you’re a fan of puzzle adventures with a distinctive look and some unique and unusual puzzles to work out, I...

Werewolf: The Apocalypse  Heart of the Forest Banner
Werewolf: The Apocalypse Heart of the Forest
Heavily text-based games are actually pretty well-represented on Switch, though in general I’ll say I’m not typically a ...
When the Past was Around Banner
When the Past was Around
With a unique hand-drawn art style and some unusually inventive point-and-click puzzles When the Past was Around definit...
Alt-Frequencies Banner
Games that do things differently are always a treat on the system, and in terms of its approach there’s no doubt that Al...
Starting out as a young woman woken up with the aid of an AI-driven talking traffic light, disoriented, and apparently w...
Five Dates Banner
Five Dates
With the global pandemic just now reaching a full year since it was first discovered Five Dates is a bit of a quick turn...
Neo Cab Banner
Neo Cab
When it comes to cyberpunk stories/adventures who knew that the Switch would slowly end up with a collection of them of ...

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